PP-12 Power Plant is a Grass Root Combined Cycle Power Plant, located at 100 KM West from Riyadh City and adjacent to PP-11 Combined Cycle Power Plant,

with a net capacity of 1745 MW (+25%) along with a 380 KV High Voltage Substation.

Six (6) bidders were bidding for this Project and the bid submitted on Saturday, the 24th March, 2012 where Bemco was declared as the lowest bidder at 2,371.83/KW and other bidders’ prices are as follows in sequence:

  1. Arabian Bemco - 2,371.83/KW
  2. Hyundai Engg. & Construction - 2,419.48/KW
  3. Tecnicas Reunidas (TR) - 2,513.95/KW
  4. Daelim - 2,520.99/KW
  5. National Contracting Co. + Siemens Consortium - 3,163.63/KW
  6. Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) - 2,625.14/KW