Major Projects

Riyadh Power Plant No.9 Combined Cycle (5,980 MW)

The combined cycle plant (PP9) has been built on a site of 3.2 million square meter about 54km east of Riyadh. This construction, together with an expansion of the existing PP 9 facility, made Riyadh the largest crude oil-fired power plant in the world. Arabian Bemco Contracting Company was awarded the project by SEC. Works Started in 1995,

Riyadh Power Plant No.10 Combined Cyle (4,600 MW)

On June 30, 2008 Arabian Bemco was awarded a S.R 11 billion (USD 3 billion) contract with SEC for a turnkey supply and installationof a 2,600 MW power geneartion plant (PP10) built on an area of 5 million square meter outside the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.This is a Greenfield project that will initially install 36 GTG simple cycle base loaded gas turbines on

Qurayyah Combined Cycle Project (4,600 MW)

On June 11, 2007, Arabian Bemco was awarded a SR 2.1 billion (USD 570 Million) contract with SEC to build the 2,500 MW Qurrayah Open Cycle Power Plant in the Eastern Province of KSA. Under the engineering, civil construction and mechanical erection package, Arabian Bemco will install gas-fired turbines at the plant supplied by

Riyadh Power Plant No.12 Combined Cycle (2,175 MW)

On May 16, 2012, Arabian Bemco signed a S.R 4.7 billion contract (USD 1.3 billion) with the Saudi Electricity Company to build a Grass Root Combined Cycle Power Plant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The plant is located 100 KM West of Riyadh City. Once completed, the new grass root combined cycle power plant (PP12) will produce

The local Arabian Bemco Contracting has been awarded the SR 125 million ($33 million) contract to install inlet air

The local Arabian Bemco Contracting has been awarded the SR 125 million ($33 million) contract to install inlet air

cooling systems at two power plants for Saudi Electricity Company (SEC). Under the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract, Bemco will install the cooling systems at the Hail 2 and the Juba power stations, both located in the kingdom’s Hail region, to obtain extra power. At Hail 2, Bemco will provide a new inlet air cooling system for five existing W501D-5 gas turbines provided by the US’ Westinghouse, now part of Germany’s Siemens, to cool the inlet air from 45°C to 15°C during the summer season for five hours a day and seven days a week. At Juba power station, Bemco will install a new inlet air cooling system for the seven existing GEMS6001B gas turbines. The system will be able to cool down the unit compressor inlet air temperature for the seven turbines from 50°C to 15°C.